June Stroll: Wild Places


The Utah Art and Environment Collaborative is excited to welcome three young artists whose work all highlights the “wild places” of Utah.  Please join us on June 20th for Gallery Stroll to see their art and discuss the inspiration for their pieces!

What: June Gallery Stroll

When: Friday, June 20th, 6:00-9:00 pm

Where: The Utah Art and Environment Collaborative (824 S 400 W, Suite B-113) in ArtSpace Commons, Salt Lake City


Hardy IJena Schmidt

There is a feeling of smallness and awe that comes when one is submerged in land. Within this exploration of these grand landscapes, there is a never ending search and desire to capture the un-capturable. No matter how much I search, I never find an end to the depths and mysteries of the wild. My art work allows me to be engaged in a constant unearthing of the land I live in and a constant necessity to express my findings through painting and other mediums.

_MG_7376This work is a meditation on the interaction of earth and sky, the changing of horizon lines, the slow passing of geological time, the tendency both towards and away from flatness.  I was inspired by the wideness of sky in the Utah landscape, and how the ever changing nature of color in the sky drastically influences perception of the landscape, and I thought it interesting then to reflect an almost geologic, or earth-bound, pattern back into that wide space above it. The changes in the lines as they radiate from the earth both move towards a flatness, and away from it, deviating in unexpected ways, just as in geological processes water works both to bring everything towards the horizontal, while simultaneously sculpting and scooping away the land.  

I am naturally drawn to the mountains; their mystique continuously seizes me and reals me in to learn 
The Utah Art and Environment Collaborative is excited to welcome three artists, whose work focuses on the “Wild Places” of Utah.  Please join us on June 20 for Gallery Stroll to see more!
Stereograph 7 flatThe mystique of the mountains continuously seizes me and reels me in to explore and learn more about them. As part of a community based art project, I led a group on a backpacking trip up Lone Peak, with Lake Hardy, the highest alpine lake in the Wasatch Range, as our destination. We used maps, cairns and other visual landmarks to find our way. Despite our preparations, a storm thwarted our path and clouded our perception of our surroundings. Upon return and after reflecting on our individual and collective experiences, we generally agreed that to navigate involves looking from different perspectives and that getting caught in the storm shed new light on that meaning. This body of work is a reflection of the experiences we had as we left civilization and traveled deeper into the wild. I use pixels and distorted imagery to articulate the feeling of uncertainty and wonder that occurred.

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